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Offlevel System

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What is off level system and what advantages it gives?

  • It is a New System what gives you an option to level up your character even when you are offline.
  • You don't need to leave your game and computer turned On. You just use this function and your character at this time leveling like usual.
  • There are no disconnects, if you lose connection to the Internet. When you are in this mode, you will not suffer the terrible fate of dumping games.
  • With this system you can level up your character solo, also with friends in party and even using the auto party system (/setparty).
  • As you know, this system even saves your electric bill and is very helpful thing when you want to level up, but you don't have time to be online. Very helpful when you go to sleep!

How to go offlevel?

  1. Go to spot you would like to leave your character with off leveling
  2. Write command /offlevel
  3. You will get disconnect, just close client and that's all
  4. Command /offlevel is FREE to use for all


  • Offlevel players CAN die, CAN be killed by monsters and players
  • Offlevel players are automatically disconnected from game if character dies
  • Offlevel players are able to pick up ONLY Jewels: Bless, Soul, Chaos
  • Offlevel not allowed to use in Lost Tower maps

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