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Special Drops

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Materials for Wings level 2 and Cape:

  • Loch's Feather, Crest of Monarch - all monsters in Icarus and Tarkan (in Icarus higher drop rate)

Materials for Wings level 2.5:

  • Death King's Bone, Hell Maine's Leather, Death Beam Knight Soul, Dark Phoenix Flame - all monsters in Icarus

Materials for Wings level 3:

  • Flame of Condor - all monsters in Barracks


  • Imp, Angel  - low drop rate all maps, all monsters
  • Pandora Pick - low drop rate in Kanturu 1, 2, 3 (possible random durability 40, 80, 160)
  • Silver, Gold Keys - low drop rate in Aida
  • Jewel of Guardian - low drop rate in Land of Trials
  • Seeds - low drop rate in Swamp of Peace

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